Mystic Series 3

Media Praise for Mystic Series 3:

Part coming-of-age tale, part-fantasy, part-adventure, this has a lot going for it, from beautiful scenery to tense family dynamics and environmental peril. And as Issie, Chipping is an engaging heroine.
Daily Mail UK

Mystic Series 3 Synopsis

Issie’s visions are back and this time Dora’s shipwreck is taking centre stage alongside a mysterious sea serpent statue. Meanwhile, an illegal fishing trawler is the talk of the town and has been raiding up and down the coast. Is Mystic warning Issie of an impending environmental catastrophe in the KP Bay? Or are the visions linked to the sudden arrival of her erstwhile grandfather, Gordon? Or could it be both? 

At the stables, fed up of Issie and Dan constantly flirting and fighting, the gang conspire to finally get them together. But their plans are thwarted by the arrival of Tom’s niece Maia, who takes an immediate liking to Dan and wastes no time in asking him out. Issie battles to contain her jealousy but her reckless behaviour during team trials has long-lasting repercussions for one of her teammates.

Meanwhile, the KP team have finally qualified for the Champs! With their usual rivals, Dulmoth Park, out of the running, their biggest threat is the Laurieston Farm team. Laurieston’s new trainer, Sean, used to compete against Tom in their eventing days. Sean and Tom soon become rival bidders for a local horse rescue centre. After Tom makes a foolish wager, it soon becomes clear that Sean is a man with a grudge – and a man who’s willing to do whatever it takes to beat his old rival both on and off the cross country course.

Distributors: Daro
Available on: CBBC and BBC iPlayer (UK), TVNZ (New Zealand), Super Channel (Canada), ZDF (Germany), Canal + (France), Netflix (Benelux), UPtv (USA).

All 3 Series now available on BBC iPlayer.

Mystic Series 3 Trailer

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Mystic Series 3 Cast & Crew


Macey Chipping Issie Brown
Laura Patch Amanda Brown
Cathy Downes Mitch
Phil Brown Sam Tucker
Kirk Torrance Tom Avery
Antonia Robinson Natasha Tucker
Max Crean Dan Townley
Jacqueline Joe Caroline Burford
Josh Tan Caleb Burford
Hatty Walton Stella Tarrant
Carrie Green Miriama
Kat Tsz Hung Corinne
Kelson Henderson Jake
Jonny Brugh Kenny
Madeleine Adams Bianca
Maaka Pohatu Tipene
Bruce Phillips Gordon
Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne Maia
Peter Feeney Sean
Alison Quigan Sal
Ascia Maybury Heather
Jeremy Elwood Bruce
Jamie Irvine Trawlerman
Lilo Vaigafa Leticia
Suivai Pilisipi Autagavaia Constable Ne'emia
Pierre Beasley Zac
Deb Walters Athena
Scott Wills The Boss
Anais Shand Dora


Lead Writer Amy Shindler & Beth Chalmers
Writer (Episode 303) Hamish Bennett
Writer (Episode 304) Martha Hardy-Ward
Writer (Episode 305) Briar Grace-Smith
Director (Episode 301 - 304) Laurence Wilson
Director (Episode 305 - 308) Peter Burger
Producer David Stubbs
UK Producer Jennifer Burnet
Production Designer Miro Harre
Director of Photography Block 3 David Paul
Director of Photography Block 4 Simon Tutty
Casting Tina Cleary
Composers David Long & Stephen Gallagher
Costume Designer Katrina Hodge
Hair & Makeup Designer Jacinta Driver
Line Producer Sharron Jackson
UK Production Coordinators Tallulah Vaughan & Richard Priseman
Horse Master Greg Smith
Cultural Advisor Kath Akuhata-Brown
Environmental Advisor Therese Mangos
Post-Production Grant Baker & Paul Smith, Steve Finnigan
Script Supervisor Nadya Kooznetzoff
Editor (Episode 301, 302, 307 & 308) Brad Davison
Editor (Episode 303 & 304) Eric De Beus
Editor (Episode 305 & 306) Lisa Hough
Associate Producer Emma Tame
Executive Producer Richard Fletcher
Executive Producer Simon Crawford Collins
Executive Producer Amy Shindler
Executive Producer Beth Chalmers