Mystic Series 1

Media Praise for Mystic Series 1:

The show’s smart storytelling and beautiful scenery will have global appeal. It takes the ingredients of a gripping drama series — adventure, humour and plenty of surprises – and wraps it up in a beautifully filmed package.
The Spinoff (NZ)
It’s a show that puts these determined kids at the centre of their own story, setting them on an exciting adventure into mysterious and dangerous places. You don’t have to love horses to love Mystic, and you don’t even have to be young to enjoy it. But in a world where quality teenage dramas are far and few between, it will certainly help.
The Spinoff (NZ)
A beautiful coming out scene.
Pink News
A heartfelt LGBT scene.
Gay Times
Sweetly moving… which taught a valuable lesson about being true to yourself and the dangers of stereotyping.
A groundbreaking coming out scene.
The Sun
Despite its fantastical elements, it’s Mystic’s groundedness that makes it an entertaining and engrossing watch. Series creators Amy Shindler and Beth Chalmers (Threesome, Horrible Histories) have done a great job of creating a cadre of complex, likeable characters and giving them believable dialogue to spout.
Stuff (NZ)
They also get the tone right. What could have come across as overly preachy or po-faced, is instead a much more relaxed delight. Think of it as like a teen/tween version of 800 Words or Mercy Peak, a drama where a water bottling plant up to the no-good shares screen time with a pig “doing something unspeakable in a gumboot".
Stuff (NZ)

Mystic Series 1 Synopsis

When London-born Issie Brown moves to the quiet New Zealand town of Kauri Point, she thinks her life is over, but it’s actually just about to begin. After an encounter with an enigmatic and ghostly white stallion – Mystic – she realises her own remarkable talents and affinity with Kauri Point. But it looks like multi-national water company Hexronn are up to no good and want to take over the town. Can Issie and her friends at the stables – with the help of Mystic – uncover the hidden secrets of the Kauri Point herd and save the forest before it’s too late?

In August 2020, the series won widespread critical acclaim for its sensitive handling of Caleb’s coming out story, including: ‘A beautiful coming out scene’ Pink News; ‘A heartfelt LGBT scene’ Gay Times; ‘Sweetly moving… which taught a valuable lesson about being true to yourself and the dangers of stereotyping’; Attitude ‘A ground-breaking coming out scene’ The Sun.

Distributors: Daro
Available on: CBBC and BBC iPlayer (UK), TVNZ (New Zealand), Super Channel (Canada), ZDF (Germany), Canal + (France), Netflix (Benelux), UPtv (USA).

All 3 Series now available on BBC iPlayer.

Mystic Series 1 Trailer

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Mystic Series 1 Cast & Crew


Macey Chipping Issie Brown
Laura Patch Amanda Brown
Cathy Downes Mitch
Phil Brown Sam Tucker
Kirk Torrence Tom Avery
Antonia Robinson Natasha Tucker
Max Crean Dan Townley
Jacqueline Joe Caroline Burford
Joshua Tan Caleb Burford
Hatty Walton Stella Tarrant
Carrie Green Miriama
Kat Tsz Hung Corinne
Kelson Henderson Jake
Jonny Brugh Kenny Burford
Madeleine Adams Bianca
Maaka Pohatu Tipene
Anais Shand Dora
Annise Boothroyd Nicole
Ascia Maybury Heather


Created for television by  Amy Shindler & Beth Chalmers
Based on the novel 'Pony Club Secrets' by Stacy Gregg
Written by Amy Shindler, Beth Chalmers, Scott Payne, Sam Shore, Steph Matuku, Stacy Gregg & Kate McDermott
Producers Trevor Haysom & Carmen J Leonard
Directors Peter Salmon, Aidee Walker & Michael Hurst
Directors of Photography  Dave Cameron, Drew Sturge & David Paul NZCS
Production Designers Brendan Heffernan, Alistair Kay & Neville Stevenson
Editors  Jochen Fitzherbert, Gary Hunt & Margot Francis
Composers David Long & Stephen Gallagher
Costume Designer  Tracey Sharman & Sarah Aldridge
Make-up & Hair Designer  Vanessa Hurley & Verity Griffiths
Casting Directors Tina Cleary and Kate McGill
UK Casting Gilly Poole & Suzanne Crowley
Horse Master Greg Smith
Associate Producers Emma Tame & Paul Davis
Co-Producer Deb Cope
Co-Producers Emily Anderton and Hannah Prior
Executive Producers Simon Crawford Collins & Richard Fletcher
Executive Producers Amy Shindler & Beth Chalmers