Mystic Series 2

Mystic Series 2 Synopsis

Three months after the events of Series 1, Kauri Point is thriving; the discovery of the wild herd has brought a modicum of fame to the town. Unfortunately, it’s also brought vast numbers of inconsiderate, free-camping tourists into the forest. There’s rubbish everywhere, unattended campfires and the Māori medicine garden has been destroyed. 

At the stables, Tom’s in financial trouble and needs an input of cash, fast. Things seem to go from bad to worse for the gang when Tom invites the kids’ biggest rivals, Dulmoth Park, to move in. One day, an expensive racehorse Tom’s looking after gets poisoned by arsenic. When incriminating evidence is found at the stables, Tom swears he’s innocent, but it looks bad.

Issie’s also started seeing Mystic again. But this time her visions are different, and Issie soon realises that Mystic’s showing her the future as well as the past. She starts to see a mysterious feather bracelet in a crumbling dark tunnel and fears the person who owns the bracelet is in grave danger. Can Issie change the course of the future that seems to be set out in her visions? And can she and the gang find the real source of the arsenic and prove Tom’s innocence before they lose their beloved stables for good?  

Distributors: Daro
Available on: CBBC and BBC iPlayer (UK), TVNZ (New Zealand), Super Channel (Canada), ZDF (Germany), Canal + (France), Netflix (Benelux), UPtv (USA).

All 3 Series now available on BBC iPlayer.

Mystic Series 2 Trailer

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Mystic Series 2 Cast & Crew


Macey Chipping Issie
Laura Patch Amanda
Cathy Downes Mitch
Phil Brown Sam
Kirk Torrance Tom
Antonia Robinson Natasha
Max Crean Dan
Jacqueline Joe Caroline
Joshua Tan Caleb
Hatty Walton Stella
Carrie Green Miriama
Kat Tsz Hung Corinne
Kelson Henderson Jake
Jonny Brugh Kenny
Madeleine Adams Bianca
Maaka Pohatu Tipene
Annise Boothroyd Nicole
Joe Nathan Gabe
Ari Boyland Alex
Josephine Davison Ginty
Cameron Rhodes Gary
Fern Sutherland Renaye
Claire van Beek Adult Dora
Amelie Goldsack Young Meredith
Sara Wiseman Lauren


Lead Writer Amy Shindler
Lead Writer Beth Chalmers
Writer (Episode 202, 203, 205, 207, 208) Amy Shindler
Writer (Episode 202, 203, 205, 207, 208) Beth Chalmers
Writer (Episode 202) Martha Hardy-Ward
Writer (Episode 204) Sam Shore
Writer (Episode 206) Hamish Bennett
Director (Episodes 201-204) Aidee Walker
Director (Episodes 205-208) Caroline Bell-Booth
Producer David Stubbs
UK Producer Jennifer Burnet
Production Designer Miro Harre
Director of Photography Block 1 David Paul
Director of Photography Block 2 Simon Tutty
Casting Tina Cleary
Costume Designer Katrina Hodge
Horse Master Greg Smith
Cultural Advisor Kath Akuhata-Brown
Environmental Advisor Therese Mangos
Hair and Make Up Designer Jacinta Driver
Line Producer Sharron Jackson
Head of Production for Slim Film + Television Lincia Daniel
Post-Production Grant Baker, Paul Smith & Steve Finnigan
Editor (Eps 201, 202) Peter Roberts
Editor (Eps 203, 204) Lisa Hough
Editor (Eps 205, 206) Eric De Beus
Editor (Eps 207, 208) Kerri Roggio
Associate Producer Emma Tame
Executive Producer Richard Fletcher
Executive Producer Simon Crawford Collins
Executive Producer Amy Shindler
Executive Producer Beth Chalmers