Around the World in 80 Days

Media Praise for Around the World in 80 Days:

★★★★ - a big, lively and timely adaptation for the entire family to enjoy
The Guardian
chock-full of wonder, fun and remarkable backdrops
Evening Standard
Tennant is so good at finding the vulnerabilities beneath Fogg’s repressed Englishman
Daily Telegraph
your new favourite show (trust us)
Radio Times
“★★★★★ - spectacular 8-part series
TV Times
Christmas telly doesn’t get much better than this
The Sun
a stylish retelling of a familiar classic…consistently entertaining, anchored by strong lead performances
National World
David Tennant is taking us on a trip of a lifetime
TV & Satellite Week
an exhilarating series (leaving) viewers on the edge of their seats
Wall Street Journal
a classic race takes a modern turn
New York Times
an action-filled, fast moving delight
a slick retelling
(David Tennant’s) performance is complex, multi-layered to a remarkable degree
Wall Street Journal
stunning cinematography
Star Tribune
Amazing scenery, perfect cast
Le Parisien
An Indiana Jones’ like show!
Europe 1
The series kept the best of the original story, while modernizing it brilliantly. Led by a wonderful trio of actors, it’s a masterpiece.
Les Echos
the greatest adaptation of Jules Verne we have seen in a very long time.

Around the World in 80 Days Synopsis

‘Some are born to adventure. Others, simply, are not’

Literature’s most famous race against the clock comes to life in this innovative new adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic novel Around the World in 80 Days, broadcasting globally from the end of 2021 in eight thrilling episodes.

David Tennant stars as Phileas Fogg, the Englishman who impulsively takes on a daring bet to circumnavigate the globe in a mere eighty days—quite a feat, considering that it’s 1872 and Fogg has spent the last twenty years in the safety of his leather armchair. With the assistance of the quick-witted and resourceful Passepartout (Ibrahim Koma), Fogg leaves behind his life of routine. Joining them to chronicle their journey is the intrepid Abigail ‘Fix’ Fortescue (Leonie Benesch), the journalist who came up with the whole crazy idea in the first place. Together they embark on an expedition that packs far more adventure than the trio bargained for.

The series updates this enduringly popular tale, with lead writer Ashley Pharoah weaving Verne’s original plot with new themes and stories. Inspiration was also provided by true characters and events, including ground-breaking journalist Nellie Bly, aristocratic rebel Jane Digby and Bass Reeves, a former slave and legendary first black Deputy US Marshall.

Shot on location on two continents, the miniseries follows our heroes as they head east from London on October 5, 1872, intending to make it back to the reading room of the city’s snobbish Reform Club no later than one o’clock on Christmas Eve. En route, they take ships, trains, balloons, camels, stagecoaches and even rickshaws whilst encountering increasingly dangerous obstacles and facing journeys of their own.

Around The World in 80 Days also features Jason Watkins and Peter Sullivan alongside remarkable guest stars such as Richard Wilson, Loïc Djani, André Penvern, Jeff Rawle, Giovanni Scifoni, Simone Coppo, Lindsay Duncan, Anthony Flanagan, Faical Elkihel,  Shivaani Ghai, Charlie Hamblett, Rizelle Januk, Kiroshan Naidoo, Victoria Smurfit, Patrick Kennedy, Thomas Chaanhing, Gary Beadle, John Light, Elena Saurel, Oliver Hembrough and Dolly Wells.

The series was co-created by Ashley Pharoah and Caleb Ranson, produced by Peter McAleese, with Steve Barron as lead director. It was co-produced by Slim Film + Television and Federation Entertainment.

The primary commissioners are the European Alliance of France Télévisions, ZDF and RAI. The series has already sold around the world including to BBC in the UK and PBS/Masterpiece in the US. International distribution is handled by Federation Entertainment. Legendary composer Hans Zimmer, Bleeding Fingers composer Christian Lundberg and score producer Russell Emanuel have created an electrifying soundtrack for Around the World In 80 Days.

Distributor: Federation Entertainment
Available on: BBC One and BBC iPlayer (UK), F2 (France), RAI (Italy), ZDF (Germany), PBS Masterpiece (US), RTBF (Belgium).

Around the World in 80 Days Trailers

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Around the World in 80 Days Cast & Crew


David Tennant Phileas Fogg
Ibrahim Koma Passepartout
Leonie Benesch Abigail ‘Fix’ Fortescue
Jason Watkins Bernard Fortescue
Peter Sullivan Nyle Bellamy
Anthony Flanagan Thomas Kneedling
Richard Wilson Grayson
Loic Djani Gerard
Giovanni Scifoni Niccolò Moretti
Cristian De Vergori Alberto Moretti
Simone Marco Flavio Coppo Marco
Lindsay Duncan Jane Digby
Faical Elkihel Sheik Medjuel el Mezrab
Shivaani Ghai Aouda
Kiroshan Naidoo Arjan
Rizelle Januk Samanaz
Charlie Hamblett Lieutenant Bathurst
Patrick Kennedy Sir Henry Rowbotham
Victoria Smurfit Lady Clemency Rowbotham
Gary Beadle Bass Reeves
John Light Ambrose Abernathy
Dolly Wells Estella
Ty Tennant Gang Leader


Series Created by Ashley Pharoah & Caleb Ranson
Episode 1 Written by Ashley Pharoah & Caleb Ranson
Episode 2 Written by Ashley Pharoah, based on a story by Caleb Ranson
Episode 3 Written by Ashley Pharoah
Episode 4 Written by Ashley Pharoah, Claire Downes, Ian Jarvis & Stuart Lane
Episode 5 Written by Ashley Pharoah & Jessica Ruston, based on a story by Debbie O’Malley
Episode 6 Written by Peter McKenna
Episode 7 Written by Stephen Greenhorn
Episode 8 Written by Ashley Pharoah
Directors Steve Barron (Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 8),
Brian Kelly (Episodes 5 & 6),
Charles Beeson (Episode 7)
Production Designer Sebastian Krawinkel
D.O.Ps Álvaro Gutierrez (Episode 1, 2, 3 & 8),
Manoel C Ferreira (Episode 4, 5, 6, 7)
Costume Designer Kate Carin
Hair and Makeup Designer Ayten Morgenstern
Casting Directors (UK) Gilly Poole & Suzanne Crowley
Series Supervising Editor Adam Bosman
Co-Producers Emma Tame, Victoria Brown
Producer Peter McAleese
Executive Producers Simon Crawford Collins, Lionel Uzan, Pascal Breton, Winnie Serite, Ashley Pharoah, Steve Barron & David Tennant

Around the World in 80 Days Awards

Digital Creation Genie Awards logo
Winner: Genie Award 2022: Best Visual Effects - TV Fiction
BAFTA Nominee TV Craft logo
Nominee: BAFTA Craft Awards 2022: Titles & Graphics
TRIC Awards 2022 Logo
Nominee: TRIC Awards 2022: New Drama
National Film Awards Logo
Nominee: National Film Awards 2022: Best Action in a Film/Series, Best Actor (David Tennant)
TV Choice Awards 2022 logo
Nominee: TV Choice Awards 2022: Best Family Drama
BAFTA Scotland Nominee logo
Nominee: BAFTA Scotland Awards 2022: Writer Film/Television (Stephen Greenhorn)